Holy Grail Build Number Requests

Thank you for your Holy Grail order!

this certainly is an exciting time for Holy Grail owners. As with any Limited EDITION there is the usual elevated interest build numbers – Holy Grail certainly is no different, we’ve received a significant level of build number requests!

Given the LIMITED build of only 100 Holy Grail upgrade packages, from the outset we received requests for certain build numbers, the obvious ones of were 1 and 100 followed by numbers to match their own FPV/Sprint build numbers.

Beyond that, many had a personal favourite number - or a number reflecting a race car and so on …. but to say we’ve received substantial requests for a variety of numbers in the main. So, we needed to devise a fair way to manage the allocation and try and keep everyone happy.

We are happy to say we’ve arrived at a good/fair/sensible position for the allocation of the Holy Grail build numbers … and it will work like this:

  • Nominate your desired Build Number
  • Pledge a $ amount/your bid for your requested build number
  • The highest bidder will win the desired number

Here’s the best part, once we’ve completed our build number allocation/ballot – the proceeds will be gifted to support our struggling Aussie Farmers … they are having a very tough battle and are up against all odds to hold their families and farms together.

Their problems have now become far reaching more than just the drought, their very existence, family, history and sadly their mental state has had massive impact in their communities and they are all in need of help!

We figured from one Aussie Icon to the backbone of our nation – our Aussie Farmers, your bid proceeds will be shared between our selected charities – Buy A Bale (take the links) - https://www.buyabale.com.au/ and Aussie Farmers - https://aussiehelpers.org.au/

Both Charities are doing outstanding work in rural communities and it was difficult to choose one so we’ve chosen to help both of these worthwhile charities given the fantastic work they are doing to support Aussies mates.

Thank you for your support!

The Premcar Holy Grail Team

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