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Holy Grail by PremCar: The modern day GT-HO

It was the final Falcon that a passionate group of FPV engineers always wanted to build

2019 Premcar Holy Grail Falcon review

The ultimate Ford Falcon V8 driven on track

Premcar Holy Grail walkaround:

is this the modern Falcon GT-HO?

The car Ford was too scared to make

The king is dead, long live the king.

The Holy Grail of Ford Falcons

A modern version of the iconic Falcon GTHO has been revived by a team of former Ford Performance Vehicles engineers.

Ford Falcon Premcar Holy Grail 2019 Review

A bunch of engineering blue bloods get together to show us what a reborn Ford Falcon GT-HO would have driven like … wow!

Premcar Holy Grail officially launches at All Ford Day

The Premcar Holy Grail has made its public debut at the 2019 All Ford Day in Geelong.

Reborn Ford Falcon GT-HO revealed

Touring car ace John Bowe and footy legend Tony Lockett unveil the Holy Grail

Premcar unleashes 483kW Ford Falcon V8 kit

Aussie tuner working on 100 ‘GT Holy Grail’ intercooler packages for Miami V8.

Premcar’s Falcon GT Holy Grail website launches

The first step in creating 100 of Australia’s greatest muscle cars has been taken.

Stillborn FPV GT-HO has been revived

Australia's most iconic muscle car has risen from the ashes, two years after production of the locally-built Falcon officially ended.

Premcar develops ultimate V8 Ford Falcon

The crew behind the development of the Miami V8 has now realised its ultimate potential.

Ford Falcon GTHO revived:

back from the dead thanks to former performance-car insiders

Falcon GTHO to come back ... one day

A 21ST-CENTURY revival of Ford's iconic Falcon GTHO would be poweredby a V8, be faster than any other Falcon, and cost about $100,000.

Fords vision for a reworked classic

Ford Performance Vehicles boss Rod Barrett admits he has been surprised by the $170,000 price tag on the 7.0-litre HSV 427 but, ...

FPV GT-H intercooled supercharged GT caught testing

fter posing the question to FPV, Rod Barrett, General Manager, Ford Performance vehicles, had this to say about the photographs:

New Falcon GTHO inches closer

Exclusive: to be called Phase 5, here for 40th anniversary in 2011

No go for new Falcon GTHO?

Ford may run out of time and money for the super sedan it promised

Off The Clock! special feature

We took the last ever Falcon GT and the most iconic GT ever, the Phase III, to the Northern Territory to see what they could do. Here's how it all began...

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