Holy Grail Options

Welcome, we understand performance perfectly … you may consider the following options to complete your Holy Grail build. We complete our offering with an opportunity for you to create what we intended to build as our Final Falcon.

  • Performance Exhaust - given the high level of power your Holy Grail now makes … to enjoy the performance our Premcar Holy Grail exhaust is specifically designed to extract maximum power (and sound) beyond what you might expect. It is a specially tuned, 3" dual Stainless Steel system manufactured by the same team who made our FPV exhaust – Aussie made of course! Our team were working to improve the exhaust performance, when our Chief Engineer found sound improvement with revisions of the muffler tune and modifications to the ECU controlled bi-modal active valve calibration. This means substantially improved sound under acceleration. The stronger the throttle squeeze the better the noise, (modulated sound) is way better than we’d ever hoped! Check out the sound clip on our Technical page.

    We strongly recommend you include our Holy Grail Tuned Exhaust (option) with your upgrade to guarantee ADR Compliance. Fitment of another system may render your Holy Grail Non ADR Compliant.

    $4,500 (Inc GST)

  • Start up and rev up

  • Handling Options - we approached our HO program as purists with a holistic (package) view, we grouped our components as a package to deliver the absolute best outcome. For this, we ignored the OEM rulebook – that is we didn’t convert the cost until we finished rather than make decisions based on cost during the process. We took the purist approach, just for once!

    While our SVT crew (Special Vehicle Team) have absolutely nailed the performance, driveability and exhaust sound, our Chassis Design Team led by Chief Chassis Engineer Lynchy has drastically improved the base line, ride and handling dynamics now delivering a true ‘Handling Options package’. Each component is designed to best work as a group to the highest level and includes:

    • Trail Blade - key to these improvements includes a new trailing blade designed to accommodate fatter rubber (extending beyond the previous max tyre size of 275mm….). Supporting this is a new wheel and tyre package. The re-engineer allows us to grow the tyre size beyond the OEM factory specification – allowing for a significantly wider rear tyre ensuring wicked performance and outstanding looks. Made from heat treated anodised Aircraft Grade billet aluminium for improved traction/power down capabilities. See Technical Page for more detail.

    • Suspension - Premcar tuned Coil Over (adjustable) suspension - designed exclusively for Holy Grail program, and delivers the sweetest system ever in a Falcon. It has a unique spring rate and damper package developed by Brett O’Brien who had 11 years with us. Brett (BOB) worked with SVT at Premcar on the original FPV product platform, (now his own company - Shockworks). Brett has special touch/feel and is really capable/quick behind the wheel and can drive what he designs like no other in this country, a special talent. He’s worked around the world (tuning suspension/ride and handling) for most major players in Europe and the US and collaborated with our Holy Grail (SVT) group to produce the best ever package delivering outstanding performance. Has the capability to set as comfort/drag/full race and track spec settings.

    • Wheels- we have selected our Exclusive Premcar Holy Graill Forged lightweight aluminium wheels - a new level in wheel design/performance. Again, we would have used these wheels (that make a big statement) they fill the guard and close the gap and deliver the toughness you’d expect. With the trail blade work it allowed us to fit the widest wheel/tyre combination possible.Image/s of wheel to follow.

    • Specially Designed Premcar HO Wheel - Fr 19 x 8.5” / Rr 19 x 10”

    • Tyres- Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 High Performance tyres – we’ve selected these after a substantial/rigorous testing regime. Generally considered the best R Spec Performance tyre available, and the 'new spec' is outstanding – grip/wear and worth about 2 seconds a lap on most circuits (min). They provide a very high grip level, great wear qualities and provide the driver with the assurance you’d expect, from one of the leading Performance tyre manufacturers in the world. A serious favourite among performance drivers, OEM manufacturers (Porsche/BMW) and track enthusiasts.

    •  Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R Spec tyres - Fr 255 x 35R 19 / Rr 295 x 30R 19

    $14,790 (Inc GST)

Your Holy Grail package is now complete, built to a level that’s we’d consider as ‘The Best Aussie Car’ ever built! It would have been Australia’s most iconic brand/name plate surpassing anything ever built previously! We are extremely proud of our work and believe we’ve finally created the ‘Ultimate Aussie Muscle Car.

Thanks for sharing our journey ….

The Premcar Holy Grail Team

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