So who are Premcar?

I don’t really know the name or have even heard of them! Are they capable of doing what they say … taking my FPV/Ford Miami engine to GT Holy Grail status?

Premcar is a highly skilled product development and engineering business with a proven track record of product delivery and performance. Established by Prodrive (UK) in 1996, formerly known as Prodrive Engineering and Tickford Vehicle Engineering, the current directors took ownership in 2012 - changed it’s name to Premcar. The directors have been with the company through it’s 20 year history of engineering excellence.

Premcar delivered high performance variants of Ford vehicles including XR6, the XR6 Turbo, XR8, FPV variants – the iconic F6 and complete GT modeline. Their world class engineering prowess has developed these vehicles and is now being applied to new and exciting products for various manufacturers in the Automotive, Marine, Defense, Mining and the Aviation industries.

Premcar is a product and service provider with high quality engineering, advanced technology and precise project management that exceeds the toughest OEM standards at its core. Areas of expertise include:

    Our engineers have delivered exciting engines to the world’s leading automotive companies. From a CNG/Direct Injection Gasoline bi-fuel 4 cylinder engine to a Supercharged V8 Muscle Car engine, Premcar has the capability to deliver a full power train program > Benchmarking & Target Setting > Engine Design > Performance Enhancements > Alternative Fuels > Electric Vehicles > Power train Calibration.

    Premcar are trusted to deliver a vehicle chassis of the highest quality. Over the last 20 years, Premcar engineers have honed their skills, designing and tuning chassis systems for the world’s leading OEMs and includes > Benchmarking & Target Setting > Hard Point Setting > Suspension Design > Chassis Tuning > Objective Measurement > Wheel & Tyre Design and Development > Brake System Design and Development.

    Their experienced body and trim team has the ability to create exciting body and trim designs, tailored to vehicle manufacturers targets. This includes designing for low volumes as well as mass production. Skills spread across the whole development program, from concept to production and after sales support that includes > Concept Design > Exterior > Interior > Closures > Composites / Plastics / Acrylics / Metals > Design solutions for injection moulding, blow moulding, vacuum forming, RRIM, SMC and carbon fibre.

    Premcar has invested in the latest software, hardware and skills development to ensure it’s engineers have the tools available to meet aggressive program targets and are strong in > Computer Aided Design > CATIA V5 > Data Management > Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) > Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

  • NVH
    Consumers demand refinement from their new vehicle, whether it is an entry level (model) or the upper end of the market. Premcar have a proven history of getting fundamental design right, with tuning to minimise noise, vibration and harshness transmission to the vehicle occupants and the environment with strengths in > Power train > Vehicle / Body > Chassis.

    Premcar provide an enthusiastic, diligent and creative approach to low volume vehicle and component manufacture. Premcar is trusted to deliver by the world’s leading OEMs > Project Management > Benchmarking > Prototype Builds > OE Component Manufacture > Low Volume Tooling.

    To deliver a world class product development program, it is critical to have the right tools and equipment. Premcar has the facilities to deliver the “full package” for a vehicle development program > Full Measurement Capability > Clean Build Rooms > Prototype Vehicle Build Workshop > Fabrication Workshop including Composite Component Manufacture > Engine Test Facility > Component Test Rigs > 3D Printing and Scanning.

    Premcar have a rich history of projects globally in the following industries > Automotive (OEM) – Passenger and Commercial > Automotive (Aftermarket) > Aerospace > Defence > Heavy Vehicle > Mining > Recreational Watercraft .

High Quality Engineering

Premcar is the trusted partner of some of the world’s leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with capabilities of an OEM, and the ability to work independently and in strictest confidence. Premcar can manage the entire product development program, with expertise across all technical areas - from concept to production.

CLIENT LIST Includes some of the world’s biggest brands:
Iveco Mahindra Hyundai Jaguar Land Rover Cherry FORD Daimler Chrysler Geeley TRD Thales Yamaha FPV Changan FORD ZX Auto

Finally, in terms of the capability to deliver on the legend of Miami GT Holy Grail program …. I think you’d agree it’s in pretty safe hands!

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