Holy Grail Pricing

Thank you for your interest/commitment to Premcar’s Holy Grail program, to secure your piece of Australian motoring history you’ll (firstly) need to register your intention to join the Premcar Holy Grail program.

Once you have registered, we will forward our (Premcar) Tax Invoice with our bank details and ask you pay your deposit to reserve your place in our production schedule.

Holy Grail pricing is $24,885 inc GST (excluding freight) is paid in the following manner:

  • First payment of $6,500 to our Premcar bank account, then (we ask) you forward a copy/receipt of your payment to enquiries@premcarholygrail.com to assist in reconciling your payment/account.
  • We will confirm your payment (received) in an email and follow up to confirm a production time/date of your Holy Grail.
  • A further payment of $10,000 is payable (plus 50% of Options selected) once your Miami arrives @ our Premcar workshop before we commence work on your Holy Grail package.
  • The final payment of $8,385 (plus Options balance) is payable prior to the collection/or shipping of your Holy Grail.
  • We suggest you make an occasion of your Holy Grail arrival and travel to Melbourne. We can arrange transport (of your Holy Grail) should you require – (at your cost) … enjoy the excitement with a trip to Melbourne.
  • A one off up front payment of $24,388 (plus Options) on order will attract a $2% reduction to your Holy Grail pricing – saving you ($497).

Please Note: on receipt of your first payment – production time and components will be allocated to your build. Should you elect not to proceed – your first payment will be retained to recover our costs. Please consider your choice carefully!

Thank you for your interest/support of Australian Motoring history, and for helping keeping the dream and memory of an icon ALIVE.

SVT (Special Vehicles Team) Premcar Holy Grail

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