Holy Grail Q & A

Who/where will the Holy Grail work be done?

  • At our Premcar workshop in Campbellfield Victoria by our Premcar Engineers.

How will my Car get to Melbourne?

  • You can personally deliver it yourself/or we can arrange transportation for you (at your cost). Return transport is also available.

How do I secure a Holy Grail Factory Conversion for my car?

  • You deposit $6,500/plus 50% option payment to Premcar and we will confirm production date.

How do I pick up my Holy Grail?

  • You will be invited to attend the Premcar workshop where handover of your Holy Grail at Campbellfield Melbourne – or we can have it freighted back to you (at your cost).

Will my Holy Grail have a plaque or commemorative insignia?

  • Yes, we are currently designing suitable branding – early art images are now available on this website.

How do the payment arrangements work?

  • After your $6.500 dep (confirming your order), you’ll pay a further $10,000 when your vehicle arrives @ Premcar and the balance ($8,385) paid prior to collecting your Holy Grail (in Melbourne).If you add options – 50% payment is made (on order) and the balance on delivery OR you can elect to pay in FULL (upfront) and receive a 2% reduction on your Holy Grail build.

Can I watch the work being done to my Holy Grail?

  • Sadly no, given current work safe practises we can only permit our staff on the floor. Given, most of our work is (secret squirrel business) we do on behalf of various car manufacturers it’s not designed to have observers – it’s generally secret and we may have work of that kind going on at that time, thanks for understanding!

Is my Holy Grail limited by number?

  • Yes, we guarantee to build a maximum of 100 ONLY factory conversion Holy Grail packages.

How long before I can order one?

  • You can place your order NOW – take link to - Order my Holy Grail package

When will Premcar begin production of the Holy Grail?

  • It is anticipated production of the first unit will begin MARCH 2019.

How long is the build process for the Holy Grail?

  • We estimate the build time to be approx 5 working days.

Can I retain the original factory parts taken from my vehicle?

  • Yes, if you request your factory components back - we will keep them and load them into your boot for you to retain. Should you add the exhaust option – this may be a little difficult! Happy to have the discussion in terms of your exhaust.

Warranty … is there any? I understand my Factory Warranty will possibly have lapsed by the time the build of my Holy Grail?

  • We warrant the work we do … we will provide clear documentation that deals specifically with Warranty and Intended Use of your Holy Grail... on receipt of your 1st part payment (deposit) – we will issue a Purchase Contract and it will include a Warranty Statement for your records.

Can I have the Take Off Parts returned to me?

  • Yes, when you confirm your order/payment you will be asked if you want your TOP returned to you. We will place them in the boot of your Holy Grail – we ask you click the button requested (when you place your order)your TOP be returned and our team will oblige.

Can I order a specific build number?

  • As you might imagine, we've had plenty of questions in terms of Build Numbers … once you've placed your Holy Grail Order (on this site) a window will open – just follow the direction/prompts and we will respond.

It seems all the information/content is saying I should include an exhaust with my Holy Grail - why??

  • Yes, we think it will be best/better for two reason. Firstly, the engineer in us will tell you we have taken Holy Grail to a place in Australian car build has never been (before-nor will ever go again), so we've pushed the boundary quite firmly (you might say) - beyond where a manufacturer would go. So, really the only proviso (if you like) is to ask all of you to trust/believe us when we say it's near the edge! We really wanted to set a new benchmark with Holy Grail ... and blow you away. We have a responsibility/requirement to ensure ALL work meets/exceeds ADR (Australian Design Regulations) and it does when we mate Holy Grail engine upgrade with our Holy Grail exhaust.

    Should anyone elect NOT to tick the box (on exhaust option) ... you'll miss out on the worlds best orchestra to ever play a V8 (seriously). Let's say - someone had the Holy Grail upgrade, chose not to tick the Exhaust Option ... and had a mate with an exhaust shop who said/told him he'd do him a ripper deal on a system - Big PROBLEM! Your buddy wouldn't any understanding of what we've done (technically) and how it works. Please don't think he's helping you .... it may hurt you in the end. It is critical for us to extract the right sound out of Holy Grail we do it and be absolute certain it remains ADR Compliant - no other system will delivery compliance ... nor will come nowhere near the sound of your Holy Grail.

    The exhaust system has a critical effect to engine air flow and as a result changes to the exhaust require engine calibration changes. Without the specific changes to engine calibration you are risking driveability and durability issues. The Holy Grail exhaust and engine package has completed extensive calibration, driveability, and durability validation.

    Finally, for us (Premcar) to deliver the total sound, we re program your ECU - we developed an upgrade for the module and there is sizable contribution to the sound with our enhanced ECU/PCM program upgrade. Make no mistake, you and everyone around you will love it forever. Just remember, this work is all done with factory knowledge and understanding - in the end that's why you chose you upgrade to Holy Grail - isn't it??

You are showing/listing the Handing Options package as one item – are these available individually?

  • A lot of discussion has been had about this, in the end we took the decision that to offer part of the HO package would not do our work/effort justice. Example, to fit our modified trail blade would not have a significant impact unless it was used with our specially tuned suspension and wheel/tyre combination.

    Conversely, if you chose trail blade and added your own wheels/tyres they may not be as effective and work with the overall design. Tyre size/brand and series are all critical to our Handling Options program.

    This is an area where we have significant understanding, our people are the best in the business in the arena of ride/handling dynamics – we will deliver beyond what you could ever imagine.

    • We thank you for your belief and trust – we operate at a level well above those in the after market field who in essence may/will struggle to comprehend/digest the finer detail contained within (respectfully).

Should you have any further questions – complete the Any Further Questions field (below) and we will respond as soon as possible.

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