Holy Grail Technical Specification

The Holy Grail upgrade consists of OEM standard parts, developed to perfection by the same engineers who created your FPV/Ford vehicles and the Miami engine program. Your Holy Grail upgrade consists of the following unique components:

  • New design Cast Aluminium Intake Manifold with integrated plumbing for triple pass intercooler.
  • Triple pass intercooler with OE standard plugs, bolts, spigot, De-gas system and brackets.
  • Twin air, triple water pass intercooler system with unmatched efficiency.
  • OE Standard hoses, pipes and fittings for coolant circuit.
  • Intercooler degas system ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Electrical intercooler control system.
  • High performance coolant pump system with mounting brackets.
  • Isolated front mount air-to-water heat exchanger.
  • Electrical control system for intercooler.
  • Gear specific boost and torque management revised for each gear.
  • 1st gear power/torque optimised for launch performance & driveline protection.

Inlet Manifold


Intercooler & Manifold

Holy Grail Upgrade

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres 2

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres 3

New trailing blade – from outside

New trailing blade from inside

Vertical loading

Premcar developed a high performance engine and transmission calibration for high performance and OEM standard durability, including:

  • Gear Specific Torque Output
  • 483 kW @ 6800RPM
  • 753Nm @ 4500-5200 RPM
  • 7000 RPM (sports mode) lifted from factory spec of 6250
Holy Grail Power
Holy Grail Torque

Engineered and tested to OEM requirements, including:

  • Dyno durability testing
  • 150hr Deep Thermal Shock
  • 450hr Accelerated Vibration Testing
  • 100hr High speed @ Full Power
  • Hot/Cold Climate environmental testing
  • Shaker rig vibration testing
  • Oil pan surge and acceleration testing
  • All factory calibration features and protections active
  • Trailer Tow recognition and torque mapping system

Start up and rev up

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