Welcome, thanks for your interest and love of Australian Performances cars and their history. Premcar is proud to offer the ultimate version of the legendary, iconic Ford Falcon GT – The Holy Grail.

With the utmost respect for the nameplate, there were numerous temptations to celebrate/revisit the famous past. Prodrive Engineering (FPV Engineers) always held the dream to rebuild such a vision.

Premcar morphed from Prodrive Engineering after a Management buyout in 2012. The Directors and key staff remained from the halcyon days of FPV design, engineering and the build/production of Ford Performance Vehicles. This is the team (SVT – Special Vehicle Team) who were the core key people that developed the legendary FPV Miami V8 engine program.

The rich history in Australian performance car build has long been the focus for FPV’s head of Power Train Engineering (Premcar Director/Partner) Bernie QUINN to finish the job his team of engineers began almost a decade ago … put simply – giving the GT a proper send off …. we think Holy Grail is just that!

Fast forward to 2018, led by Bernie Quinn – his Premcar (SVT) crew have now kicked their long held dream into gear! We are very proud to introduce … the Holy Grail. This completes unfinished business with Australia’s greatest nameplate – the Ford Falcon GT with over 50 years of Australian Motoring history...

Bernie Quinn says, ‘we’ve blended OEM (original equipment manufacturer) driveability that features face melting performance and allows you to push your vehicle to its potential limits, it’s not just an upgrade (really) – it's more a Factory Standard Conversion, built to factory specification and with a seriously high level of engineering’

Australian Motorsport Legend – John Bowe had the key role of Development Driver in FPV days, he’s returned to lend his support/knowledge providing vital driver feedback during the development phase. JB’s role was integral in the development process and indicates the commitment to deliver the Holy Grail in every sense!

Join the celebration ... we’ve LIMITED Holy Grail production to 100 ONLY packages, so they will very rare and indeed a fantastic investment – now you too can share our dream of an Aussie icon!

We trust our Premcar Holy Grail site provides the required information and details of our journey from its inception to our final Ford Falcon Holy Grail iteration. To secure your Holy Grail package go to the Services tab and click on Pricing. You can click on the ‘Order My Holy Grail’ button and complete your details. Should you have any further questions – send us an email ‘Contact’ page and we’ll respond promptly.

This is the final chapter of the Australian iconic Ford Falcon, we are privileged to have played our part in the greatest nameplate ever built in this great country – we know you share our passion!


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