Holy Grail Meaning

In the absence of clear definition, it is human nature to impose meaning. This is what happens with the Grail today and, according to the evidence of medieval book compilation, it is almost certainly what happened in the Middle Ages, too. Just as modern guitarists use their “holy grail” to experiment with all kinds of sounds, so medieval writers and publishers of romance used the Grail as an adaptable and creative instrument for conveying a particular message to their audience, the nature of which could be very different from one book to the next. Whether the audience always understood that message, of course, is another matter entirely.

We think the statement (above) either clarifies it, OR adds to the myth/confusion surrounding the meaning of Holy Grail - in our mind Holy Grail occupies the pinnacle position ... the best there can ever be .... that's certainly how we feel about our Holy Grail!

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